As the largest higher-education center for humanities in Iran, the Allameh Tabatabayi University (ATU) see it as a mission to stage some prestigious international conferences with the presence of high-profile figures in order to expand international exchanges and to increase interaction and brainstorming between top thinkers. The ATU also seeks, as a major component of its strategic approach, to promote knowledge in all fields related to humanities, including law and policy-making.

Legal and policy issues related to oil and gas is of high significance for the ATU both due to its effect and role in Iran, a country with vast energy resources, and also due to special interest and expertise of the ATU’s scientific board to the issue.

Iran is ushering into a new era of upstream oil and gas contracts, and the ATU is inviting senior experts and professors involved in the field, both from inside and outside Iran, to create a forum for discussing major challenges in upstream oil and gas contracts while trying to offer the latest findings and achievements on the issue by the academic and interactive centers. The First International Conference on Optimization of Upstream Oil and Gas Contracts is a bid to complete the research and study cycle in this field. It is hoped that the contribution of experts and intellectuals could further enrich the meeting and its outcomes.